Starting February 14th 28th 2022, The Glenview Concert Band is meeting for rehearsals again!

In light of the still-continuing pandemic, the GCB is taking several precautions.

  • YOU MUST BE MASKED AT ALL TIMES WHEN IN THE SCHOOL. YOU MUST WEAR A MUSICIAN’S SPLIT MASK WHILE PLAYING. BELL COVERS WILL ALSO BE REQUIRED. Any member who does not stay masked will be asked to leave the premises. If you don’t have a mask and/or bell cover, one will be provided.
  • The bandroom will be set for social distancing. We will play for 50 minutes, take a 15-minute break and then a 10-minute meeting. This will allow time for the air to re-circulate in the band room. We will then conclude the rehearsal with 45 minutes of playing.
  • Towels/spit rags are to be brought and used by instruments where water accumulates.
  • Chairs, stands, and percussion equipment are to be wiped down before exiting the premises for the night.
  • Keep in mind – the director, the Glenview Park District, or District 225 may suspend rehearsals in the interest of public health.
  • WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL MEMBERS TO GET FULLY VACCINATED. If a booster shot is recommended for you under current CDC/FDA guidelines, please follow their recommendation.
  • If you are exhibiting any kind of symptoms, please refrain from attending
  • As this is still a fluid environment, and school closure and cancellations may happen last minute, please sign up for the REMIND APP (directions and links below) to get the absolute latest information as a text/push notification directly from Greg himself!

(last updated February 14th, 2022)

Join the Remind text system to receive emergency communication and reminders directly from the director – Greg Wojcik.

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