Welcome back for the 2023-2024 season of the Glenview Concert Band, the 39th year the band has been making music in the Northern Chicago Suburbs. Greg, the members of the Board, and I are very excited to get going again, and we have a great deal to look forward to as we prepare for the 40th Anniversary season next year.

We are excited to take the band to the next level.

We have had great success over the last couple of years in bringing members back from our COVID-19 recess, and we have many new members as well.  We would love to see returning and new members alike, so please join us again if you haven’t been with us for a while, and tell your musical friends about us! We would love to get our numbers up, so we can sound even better than before for the exciting events ahead!

The band has commissioned a new work from composer Rossano Galante for the 40th Anniversary Season!

Over the past several years, our band has enjoyed playing several compositions by composer Rossano Galante, including:

  •  Victory
  •  Aurora Borealis
  •  Transcendent Journey
  •  God’s Country
  •  Afterlife
  •  A Childhood Remembered

We like his music so much, we decided to commission Rossano to write us a brand new work to premiere for our 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert (date TBD, but targeting March-April 2025)! We will receive the work in the summer of 2024 and will have the fall to prepare it, and we will premiere it for the first time with the composer conducting. That means we will get to meet and work with Rossano for the concert! This is a major endeavor for our band, so we want all hands on deck! We want to sound the best we can, we need help in the planning of the 40th Anniversary, and we want to get as many players in this season to build our chops and get ready for an exciting opportunity to world premiere and brand-new musical composition for concert band that undoubtedly will be published and then enjoyed by many bands in the future. We also plan on recording the experience. We will play some of Rossano’s music leading up to the 40th as well!

The 40th Anniversary Planning Begins Now!

The Board has formed a new committee to commence planning for the 40th Anniversary of the Glenview Concert Band. We are planning a special celebration concert, and we would like help to plan the promotional efforts, the logistics, media attention, and other aspects to make the experience special. Please let me know if you would like to join this committee.

Dues will need to be paid by November 1 to stay a member of the Band!

Thanks to all of you who have done such a great job at timely paying your dues to the Park District for membership in the band. As we have said many times, our affiliation with the Glenview Park District has very important benefits:

  •  The Park District provides us with rehearsal space free of charge, including usage of percussion equipment that we don’t own and don’t have to pay for.
  •  The Park District insurance covers our band, so we don’t have to pay our own insurance costs.
  •  The Park District hires the band for performances and also provides our performance space at minimal cost if at all for our own concerts.

If our members don’t pay dues, we are at serious risk that the Park District will sever ties with the band (similar to what they did with the Theater Guild), and then our future is unknown. Friends, please pay your dues on time. If financial circumstances make it difficult to pay dues, please see Greg or me and we will find a donor to cover your costs anonymously. If you have not approached us and if your dues remain unpaid by November 1, we will need to ask you to not attend future rehearsals or perform in concerts. This is, of course, not something we want to do, but we know it is important to the Park District to ensure we collect dues from all those participating. Please don’t put us in the position to have to ask you not to attend. Instructions for payment can be found in the ‘PAY DUES’ link in the top navigation menu.

We are actively recruiting new members!

Calling all percussionists, tubists, bassoonists, or any instrument really… we want you to be a part of the GCB family! Whether you’re currently performing with another ensemble or you haven’t picked up your instrument in the two decades since you graduated high school. Everyone is welcome!

The band has a long history of excellence and enjoys performing 8 – 10 times per year including performing for thousands prior to the Glenview 4th of July fireworks! Drop by during any Monday rehearsal and we’ll get you situated immediately. Join our mailing list (using the box at the bottom of the page) to get information about future rehearsals and performances.

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